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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2021

Account Services

Official Check $3.00/check
Money Order $1.00/item
Copy Check/Draft/Money Order $3.00/copy
Copy of Statement $5.00/copy
Manually Cleared Drafts/ACH $5.00/item
Deposit Item Returned $15.00/item
Stop Payment $15.00/item
Research $25.00/hour
Account Reconcilement $25.00/hour
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Item $30.00/item
CU Coverage Item $30.00/item

Card Services

Debit Card Replacement $10.00/card
Debit Card Express Issue $75.00/card
Credit Card Late Payment $25.00/month
Credit Card Express Issue $70.00/card

General Services

Forwarding Address Fee $3.00/account
Levy/Legal Notice Processing $25.00/item

Loan Services

Loan Payment Return $15.00/item
Loan Late Fee $25.00/month

Wire Transfers

Outgoing Wires (Within U.S.) $20.00/wire
Outgoing Wires (Outside U.S.) Pass thru fee