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Summer is Here

Summer is Here

Are you dreaming of long, sunshine filled, warmer summer days? If you haven’t yet planned ahead financially, we’ve got you covered!

Apply for a Personal Loan to rent that vacation house for a week, square up on summer camp dues, pre-purchase concert tickets, or reserve a weekend getaway.

Maine’s summer season officially begins in June, and brings with it a variety of fun activities such as:

  • Family visits and lawn games
  • Amusement parks and water parks
  • Mini golf and disc golf
  • Ice cream cones, parades, and picnics
  • Drive-in movies
  • Camping and outdoor exploring
  • Ferry rides
  • Beach days, lake days, and water activities
  • Vegetable gardens and flower gardens
  • Home updates and lawn renovation

Or, if you have bigger goals relating to your home, lawn & garden or winterizing, consider opening a Home Equity Line of Credit to help pay for the larger expenses. No matter what your goals are – big or small, we are here for you, through it all.

We’re here for your every milestone!