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For your convenience, the Credit Union offers a variety of Club Accounts:

Vacation Club Accounts

A perfect way to save for that dream vacation. Through payroll deduction or regular deposits, you save systematically and painlessly. The account remains open so you can continue to use it for the following year!

Holiday Club Accounts

A great way to save for holiday expenses while eliminating the need to “charge”. Holiday Clubs allow you to come up with a savings plan to meet your expected budget. Each October 1st your funds will be transferred automatically to your savings account. These accounts remain open to save again for years to come.

All Purpose Club Accounts

A great budgeting tool to help save for taxes, auto registrations, insurances or big ticket items. The funds remain in the account until you need them.
Club Accounts Features:

  • No minimum balance
  • Dividends that are paid monthly on the average daily balance
  • Penalty-free withdrawals at any time
  • No deposit schedule to adhere to

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