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FAQs Member Services

Q: Are my children or step-children eligible for membership?

A: Yes, absolutely! All household and immediate family members are eligible to join the credit union.

Q: Can I have more than one account?

A: There is no limit to the number of share or share drafts you can establish.

Q: How do I go about placing a stop payment on a check?

A: In order to put a stop payment on a check you would need to complete a form, which includes the check amount, the date the check was written, and the reason for stop payment.

Q: If I leave your field of membership, or move to another city or state, will I have to close my Milestones FCU accounts?

A: No, once a member, always a member!

Q: How do I add a Joint Owner to my account?

A: When you add a joint member the primary account holder will need to be present. They will need their ID and proof of residential address.

Q: How do I remove a joint owner from my account?

A: A signed request will need to be written to let us know who you want removed and your signature. You’ll be asked to sign a new membership card to update your account record.

Q: How do I change my name on my account?

A: A new membership agreement form & a few other forms will need to be signed to update out records. We will need a copy of the legal name change document, which is typically a marriage license, divorce decree, or probate court decree.

We can make it easy for you by mailing forms for signatures, schedule an appointment, or stop by in our drive-thru to sign the forms.

Q: What do I need to open an account for my child?

A: In order to open a savings account for a minor, we will need the child’s social security card and birth certificate along with your current ID. Missing one of the documents above? Call us and we’re happy to list alternative options for identification.

Q: How do I get a debit card?

A: Click Here

Q: I have lost my debit card, what should I do?

A: First, call our Lost/Stolen 24/7 hotline: 1-800-472-3272, and then contact the credit union during business hours to confirm your replacement card order.

Q: Do you have notary service?

A: Yes, notarization by a Notary Public is a free service for our members.

Q: Wiring Instructions to Milestones?

A: Our Routing Number/ABA # is 211287900. You’ll need to provide your account number as well. The credit union is online with the Federal Reserve and there is no intermediary financial institution.

Q: What do I need to send a wire?

A: Call the other institution and request their “wiring instructions and then call or stop by the credit union to initiate the wire (signature is required).

Q: How do I re-order checks?

A: Click Here

Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

A: Your employer will need the credit union’s routing (also known as: ABA) number and your account number. The routing number is: 211287900.

If you would like direct deposit to go into your share (savings) account, use your credit union account number.

For direct deposit into your share draft (checking) account, use the the last six digits of the middle set of numbers from the bottom of your checkbook. The checking account number will start with 700420XXXXXX.

You can also print a request for Direct Deposit Form here to complete and provide to your employer.

Q: Can I do Shared Branching transactions to another credit union, at Milestones FCU?

A: Yes, you can! Youll need your unexpired government issued state issued ID or drivers license, as well as the account number for the other credit union account.

Q: Do you offer money orders?

A: Yes, money orders are a $1.00 each and are completed and signed by the member. We also offer bank checks that are completed and signed by a credit union representative for $3.00 each.

Q: Is my account insured?

A: Yes, your account is insured through the NCUA, it is insured up to $250,000.00. Click here for more information..

Q: How do I sign up for home banking?

A: Signing up for online banking is easy!

Please visit our Home Page, click on Online Banking on the left-hand side of the page. This will bring you to the Register or Login Page (or click here). Once there, click on Register to begin the process of creating your online account.

Please note: You will need to have your membership (savings account) number in order to create an online banking profile.

Q: How is the credit union’s governance defined? 

A: The credit union operates following the Board approved Bylaws. The Bylaws are based on a template provided by its regulator and were most recently updated in May 2023.

Q: Where do I find the fee schedule?

A: Click this link!


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