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Personal Line of Credit

What is a Personal Line of Credit?

A Personal Line of Credit is a revolving credit account which allows you to draw funds up to an approved limit.* It’s similar to a personal credit card because it allows you to borrow funds as needed, without having to take the full amount in one lump-sum payment.

It also allows you the flexibility to receive funds in $100 increments, with a $5 fee per transfer.

Enjoy the freedom to borrow as you need it, any given time!

A Personal Line of Credit limit can range from $500 to $10,000, and once opened, funds are immediately available.

Enjoy These Benefits

• Transfer funds directly into your account
• Safety net of up to $10,000*
• Draw as little as $100 at a time
• No annual fees

Ideas for using the Personal Line of Credit

• Home remodel, update or energy efficient installations
• Furnace or heating repairs
• Plumbing expenses
• Flooding in the basement
• Costly vehicle repairs
• Medical needs
• Cash payment for a purchase
• Vacation package

Borrow again and again without having to re-apply!

The interest rate is 3% A.P.R. (Annual Percentage Rate) + Prime Rate.

Your new line of credit is a quick application away. You don’t even have to come into the credit union!

Call (207) 783-3991 or click here to apply!

1 Pending qualification – various factors apply. Personal Line of Credit limits range from $500 to $10,000. There is a $5 fee per transfer made from the Personal Line of Credit, applied to the loan on the next business day. Loan decision time varies. Minimum payment due each month is 2% of the outstanding balance. Federally insured by the NCUA. Equal Housing Lender. If your payment is 10 or more days late, a late fee will be incurred.