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Motorcycle, Boat, Camper & ATV Loans

No matter your preferred mode of transit, be it boat, RV, four-wheeler, jet ski, motorcycle, boat, loans we can help you buy the things that move you.

  • Zero down payment required – 100% financing
  • Refinancing available on loans from other lenders; lower your rate or change terms

Please have the serial or vehicle identification number (VIN) when you apply for the loan.

Recreational vehicles (RV), travel trailers, campers, personal watercrafts, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), snowmobiles are eligible for financing.

Tips for Buying Used Motorcycles

  • Mileage
    Motorcycle engines do not last as long as car engines. Any bike with more than 30,000 miles should be purchased with caution.
  • Body Condition
    Check mirrors, grip ends, foot pegs, and rear turn signals for damage.
  • Engine Condition
    Check fluids, spark plug wires, and hoses. Start in first gear with the clutch all the way in. If the bike lunges, adjust the clutch. If lunging remains a problem, the clutch may need replacing.
  • Tire Condition
    If there is only 1/8 inch of tread or less, ask to have the price dropped accordingly.
  • Drivability
    Take it for a test drive. Look for flat spots in the torque/horsepower. Listen for odd noises like popping or backfiring, especially when decelerating. When you slow down, leave the bike in low gear so RPM stays high.