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Loan Services

Interested in a loan or lending options? You’ve come to the right place!

There are so many lending options available, with some you may not have even realized.

At Milestones Federal Credit Union, not only do we truly consider your needs and what works best for you, we look at you as an individual, with a story, not as a number or credit score. With the Milestones difference, see what you can accomplish. We believe in you!

When you are ready to apply, there are a handful of things we’ll need to know. Please review the ‘What’s Needed to Apply for a Loan’ checklist, indicated below.

What’s Needed to Apply for a Loan

  • How much would you like to borrow?
  • What is the purpose of the loan?
  • How long would you like to finance your loan?
  • Who is your current employer or employment? (Include your employer’s name and their contact information*.)
  • What is your current position?
  • What is your current income?
  • What is your phone number and email address?
  • Information about your co-applicant, if applicable. (Name, date of birth, Social Security Number, address, phone number, email address, position, employer’s name and phone number*, and income.)

Are you ready to apply? Click here for the loan application!

*This is for lending purposes only.