Youth Accounts

We make it easy to open a youth* savings account by making the initial deposit!

$5 is the minimum amount required to open an account, along with identification. The $5 remains yours (or theirs) to keep! The account can be opened through the drive-thru, in person, USPS, or a combination of the above and online communication. *Youth = under age 18.

Opening a savings account for a family member can help secure their financial future before they have begun to walk, learn the A,B,C’s or realize the importance of saving. We have a free coin sorter on-site! Not only does this create an opportunity for learning about coin values and counting, it can help begin a lifelong love of savings.

Did you know we also have a Little Free Library on-site? You, your little one(s), big one(s), family member(s) and friends may select as many books as you’d like, as often as you’d like, and when you’re finished reading them, simply return the book(s) or pay them forward!

Stay tuned for more information about children’s events and helpful resources. As always, we truly appreciate you and thank you for your membership!